NATO: Dynamic Manta 2022 exercise concluded

(To Greater Defense)

The Dynamic Manta 22, one of NATO's most important and complex anti-submarine exercises.

The Dynamic Manta is an exercise planned and conducted annually by the allied maritime command of NATO (NATO Allied Maritime Command - MARCOM), which takes place in the central Mediterranean, along the eastern coasts of Sicily, mainly aimed at training and conducting anti-submarine defense operations (Anti Submarine Warfare - ASW).

This year four submarines from France, Greece, Italy, and the United States, under the control of the submarine command of NATO (NATO Submarine Command - COMSUBNATO), they trained for two weeks together with eleven surface ships from Canada, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the United States. Eight Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) and eight helicopters, under NATO control, also participated. maritime air command (MARAIRNATO). All under the command of Rear Admiral Mauro Panebianco, commander of NATO's second permanent naval group (Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 - SNMG 2).

The Navy took part in the exercise with the frigate Margottini, Which is also flagship of SNMG2, the frigate Carabiniere, the submarine Salvatore Todaro and the assets of the 3rd Catania helicopter group (Maristaeli Catania).

Italy also provided the participating commands and assets with meteorological and oceanographic products and data processed by the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy and the Meteorological Service of the Air Force.

Further support was provided by the naval base of Augusta, by the air base of the Air Force of Sigonella in Catania and by the operations center for meteorology (COMET) of Pratica di Mare which elaborates the mathematical forecasting models and guarantees the operational production of maps and products, together with those developed by the Hydrographic Institute of the Genoa Navy. COMET and RESIA (Automated Information Systems Department) disseminate them both through national and NATO channels, in order to allow their wider dissemination through the planned Hubs and networks.

The Joint Summit Operational Command (COVI) coordinated the initial planning phases of the exercise for the meteorological and oceanographic part with MARCOM and the Technical Bodies of the Armed Forces, ensuring that Italy's support for NATO was properly planned and made available. in order to fully satisfy the training requirements, all in line with the Alliance policy, summarized in the “One Theater, one Forecast” principle.

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