MISIN: meeting with the President of the Republic of Niger

(To Greater Defense)

Yesterday, the President of the Republic of Niger, sem Issofou Mohamadou received the Ambassador of Italy in Niger, Marco Prencipe and the commander of the MISIN general of air brigade Marco Lant.

During the meeting, the president thanked Italy for its commitment in the Sahel, with reference to cooperation projects and in the context of security-related initiatives, expressing words of appreciation for the effective work done by MISIN in area of ​​the formation of the Nigerian Security Forces.

In this sense, President Issofou hoped for further consolidation in the collaboration relationship between the Armed Forces of the two Nations, in order to allow Niger to continue increasing the territorial and border control capacities also by virtue of the delicate framework security that currently threatens the entire Sahel region.

Finally, the MISIN commander expressed to President Issofou the excellent cooperation relationship established and consolidated with the Nigerian counterpart.