MIADIT Somalia 18: transfer of 2 VMs to the Somali Federal Republic

(To Greater Defense)

Yesterday took place the delivery ceremony to the Somali Police force of two VM-protected vehicles and other equipment for Public order, in implementation of the "Technical Arrangement" between the Arma dei Carabinieri and the Somali Police Force signed in Mogadishu on 29 November 2022.

The delivery of the vehicles, already in use by the Arma at i Carabinieri Mobile Regiments, was carried out by the commander of MIADIT 18 Colonel Luciano Calabrò, to Brig. gen. Sulub Ahmed Firin, police commissioner of the SPF, in the presence of Mohamud Ahmed Sheikh Ali (Doodishe), Somali Interior Minister, the commander of EUTM-Somalia, Brigadier General Roberto Viglietta and Brigadier General Fulvio Poli, next mission commander.

The activity is part of the common cooperation effort aimed at combating international terrorism, also through the increase of the operational capabilities of the Somali Police Forces.

On the sidelines of the delivery, in the presence of the Italian ambassador in Somalia, dott. Alberto Vecchi, there were meetings of the MIADIT commander with the Minister of the Interior and the director general of the Somali Ministry of the Interior, with the director of the Studies and Training Department of the Somali Police Force, as well as with representatives of EUCAP and EUTM.