Miadit Somalia 16: courses in favor of the Djibouti national police concluded

(To Greater Defense)

The section's activities end with the last two courses in favor of the Djibouti National Police (PND) Office Advisor area of training unit of MIADIT 16.

For this edition there were a total of ten courses carried out by the soldiers of the Carabinieri in favor of the two police forces of Djibouti. The staff belonging to the section Office Advisor comes from the various specialty compartments of the Carabinieri.

For this edition of MIADIT, the military from the units of the 2nd Mobile Brigade gave their training contribution Special Intervention Team and 7th Carabinieri Regiment "Trentino Alto Adige"), Special Operations Group, Center of Excellence for Police Units (CoESPU), Carabinieri Grouping of Scientific Investigations (RaCIS), the Carabinieri Dog Center and the carabinieri coming from the territorial forces.

The courses of a purely sectoral and specialist nature involved about one hundred and seventy students of the two police forces. The training activities, which began last February, ended these days with the last two courses in favor of the RAID - special operations department of the PND - and with the anti-terrorism course which involved investigative units of the same police force.

The end state reached by the GIS operators has provided the homonymous Gibutians with technical-tactical and planning skills on the subject of Close Quarter Battle (CQB). Specifically, notions and techniques relating to TOS (special operating techniques) were imparted, including among other things urban climbing and intervention activities with K9 units. On the counter-terrorism front, on the other hand, the ROS instructors, after having framed the phenomenon of terrorism in the specific area of ​​the Horn of Africa from a theoretical point of view, transmitted technical and practical skills relating to the fight against the specific criminal phenomenon, while taking into account limits , powers and prerogatives attributed to the judicial police by the legal system of the Republic of Djibouti.

Ultimately the purpose of the training and training activities held by the soldiers of the Carabinieri in favor of the local police forces, have the strategic objective of contributing in a concrete way to the strengthening of the partner's capabilities and consequently to strengthen the institutions of the Host country with a view to maintaining peace in a strategic area of ​​the international chessboard.

Precisely with this in mind, further qualifying courses were requested by the Gendarmerie Nationale Djiboutienne and the Police Nationale Djinoutienne which will be developed in the next edition of MIADIT 17.