Miadit 16: K9 combat course for the gibutian police concluded

(To Greater Defense)

The concluding ceremony of the K9 "combat" course held by the canine instructors of the Carabinieri took place at the "Idris Farah Abaneh" Academy of Police.

Over the course of the four weeks, the eight dog units belonging to the special police departments ("RAID" - Brigade Canine), trained in the various operational areas that characterize the K9 police units.

The training modules, after a short period of reconditioning the units, were aimed at improving operational skills in the search for drugs and explosives as well as in attack techniques against a potential threat to be neutralized.

The objective of the K9 "Combat" course of MIADIT 16 was in fact to train dog units - composed of the dog / handler binomial - able to carry out police operations in total autonomy and with high competence in support of special anti-terrorism departments and also be used in normal activities to combat drug trafficking.

The canine units of the Gibutian National Police are recently established and are part of the "RAID" Special Forces. The Arma dei Carabinieri, already for several editions of MIADIT, provides its training contribution by deploying its own dog instructors belonging to the Carabinieri Dog Center Florence.

Their task, in addition to that of transmitting theoretical-practical notions on the management of the canine unit in service operations, is also to make the learners autonomous on the logistic management of a dog department, this aspect in fact is essential for the well-being and the maintenance of the operational capabilities of the animal.

Another important aspect is the construction of a symbiotic relationship between dog and handler. The canine department of the Gibutian Police consists of eight canine units divided into attack dogs, for the search for explosives and for the search for drugs. The management of such a large number of "working" dogs requires not only technical and professional skills but also a certain sensitivity and propensity, essential for consolidating the combination.

With this awareness, the instructors of the Arma set the training on work mechanisms that make every activity (even the most risky) playful, stimulating the dog and making him increase the desire to reach his goal. Working in the four weeks following these mechanisms, the eight canine units have strengthened their skills and passed the final exam.

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