MIADIT 14: the carabinieri form the gibutian forensics

(To Greater Defense)

The "Crime Scene Processing" course held at the Academy of the Gibutian National Police "Idriss Farah Abaneh", organized by the carabinieri of the MIADIT mission, ended. Somalia 14.

The training activity saw the presence of the police staff of the Laboratorire de Police Tehcnique et Scientifique, based in the center of Djibouti, followed by Maj. Fabiano Gentile, expert in forensic genetics from Carabinieri group for scientific investigations, RIS of Parma, which conducted an intense three-week training providing visitors with the basic elements, both theoretical and practical, to effectively and efficiently conduct the inspection and collection, and mitigating the potential risks deriving from the completion activity, primarily the pollution of the sources of evidence.

The learners, including graduate officers in the various scientific disciplines with more than twenty years of experience in the sector, judged the course to be of excellent quality, both in terms of the teaching contents proposed, and in relation to the different and specific practical activities aimed at consolidate the theoretical elements acquired during the lessons.

In particular, in order to implement their notions and experiences regarding the inspection and the collection, a crime scene relating to a murder was reconstructed in the headquarters of the Gibutinian analysis laboratories, in which the students were able to apply crime scene techniques. processing and crime scene management.

In the last training week, following the real need to carry out technical-scientific checks on a car of an international body that was stolen in anomalous circumstances, the officers of the Gibutian Police, also thanks to the relationship of trust deriving from the quality of the course, have expressly requested the Maj. Fabiano Gentile to support them in their investigations by supervising their technical survey activity, in order to optimize the collection of evidence potentially decisive for identifying the perpetrator of the crime.

The teaching of the course was therefore transformed into a real investigation activity in which the students were able to put into practice the skills acquired during training with the carabinieri.

The col. Corso, commander of MIADIT 14, defined the outcome of the training activity as extremely satisfactory, and underlined the marked interest of the Gibutian authorities in collaboration with the Carabinieri, confirming the validity of the mission and the training project in progress. .