Malta: rescue mission for a HH212 of the Italian mission


In the late afternoon of January 1st, the Rescue Coordination Center of the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) requested the intervention of an HH 212 helicopter of the Italian mission in Malta for the urgent transport of a seafarer in imminent danger of life on board the merchant ship 'Lady Bug', anchored at about 12 miles from the Maltese coast.

The helicopter took off around the 19: 00 and, after the rescue procedures provided for the case, recovered the patient in a state of unconsciousness. The man was transported to the 'Mater Dei' Hospital in Swatar.

The Search And Rescue - Search and Rescue (SAR) section of the Italian Air Force is the only operational division of the Italian Collaboration Mission in the Defense Field (MICCD), and provides both the training of the flight personnel and the SAR service. All flight activity is carried out with mixed Italian-Maltese crews.

The SAR service is guaranteed H24, even in adverse weather conditions.

Source: SMD