LIBYA: “Sea Survival Training”

(To Greater Defense)

Practical training in the swimming pool and in the open sea to acquire survival techniques and practices in a marine environment following air or naval accidents.

This is the objective of the basic "Sea Survival" course, in favor of the Libyan Armed Forces, organized and conducted by the Air Rescue Instructors of the 15th wing of the Air Force, employed in the context of the Bilateral Assistance and Support Mission in Libya (MIASIT). 

In particular, military personnel participated in the training activities Libyan Air Force and  Libyan Navy, who familiarized themselves with the procedures and put into practice the basic techniques for survival at sea. 

The course, held for the first time in Libyan territory at the Abu Sittah naval base, saw an active and concrete collaboration between the MIASIT specialists and the local Armed Forces, who made the infrastructure available for carrying out the lessons. 

The bilateral mission has the task of providing assistance and support to Government of National Accord in Libya and is the result of the reconfiguration, since 2018, of the previous Operation "Hippocrates".

The aim of the mission is to increase the capabilities of local institutions, in harmony with the lines of intervention decided by the United Nations.

MIASIT carries out, among other things, training, training, support and mentoring in favor of the security forces and Libyan government institutions, in Italy and Libya.