Lebanon: visit to the UNIFIL SW


Shama, the director of the Inter-agency Support Force for South Korean military personnel, Team Admiral Lee Ki Sik, visited the command of the Italian-led west sector of UNIFIL, based on the "Pinerolo" Brigade.

Admired by the Brigadier General Stefano Del Col, commander of UNIFIL's Joint Task Force Lebanon and commander of the Italian contingent in Lebanon, the admiral received an update on the current situation in the Italian-led sector, concerning the operational sector. and the civil-military cooperation sector in which the UNIFIL west sector blue helmets are daily engaged, including a battle-group of the Republic of Korea under Italian command.

Admiral Lee Ki Sik complimented the synergistic work carried out by the peacekeepers of the two nations who work side by side, guaranteeing stability and peace with their commitment.

Source: UNIFIL