Lebanon: CIMIC Enhanced Female Engagement Team course completed

(To Greater Defense)

MIBIL, the Italian Bilateral Military Mission in Lebanon held the "CIMIC Enhanced Female Engagement Team" course from 5 April to 4 May 2023.

The course, led by a Mobile Training Team composed of 5 instructors of the Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) of the Italian Army, it allowed to train 20 visitors belonging to the CIMIC branch of the LAF.

The closing ceremony of the course took place at the CIMIC Directorate of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), in the presence of the commander of the Italian Bilateral Military Mission in Lebanon Colonel Angelo Sacco and Colonel Iyad El Alam, head of the CIMIC directorate.

During the course the attendees, all with previous experience in the CIMIC branch, had the opportunity to interact with the instructors to improve and integrate their preparation in the specific field. The final product of the activity was the identification of a project aimed at supporting a part of the Lebanese population affected by gender issues, which will be finalized by the CIMIC cell of MIBIL in the coming weeks.

The enthusiasm shown during the course and the considerable commitment made by the Lebanese staff, in concert with the work of the instructors of the MIBIL Mobile Training Team, have allowed the full success of the training course.

For the first time, MIBIL has managed to link the conduct of a course with the implementation of a CIMIC project in favor of the local population, in order to further consolidate the link between the Italian Armed Forces and the Lebanese Armed Forces.

All the activities carried out in the Operational Theater are conducted under the coordination and according to the directives given by the operational command of joint forces (COVI), which is the high command of Defense responsible for planning, coordinating and directing military operations, national joint exercises and multinationals and related activities.