Lebanon: Sector West trains the Lebanese Forces


From 13 to 17 January, joint training was conducted between the UN contingents - in particular ItalBatt (Italian battalion), RokBatt (battalion of the Republic of Korea) and MalBatt (Malaysian battalion) - and the Lebanese army within the Chewakeer training area, in Tire, in the south of Lebanon.

I peacekeepers Italians, Lancieri di Montebello 8th, studied the tactical aspects of the patrol movement and the procedures to be implemented in the event of a response to a sudden hostile action.

While the health structures conducted lessons in combat medical evacuation. Simultaneously in another area of ​​the training area Korean colleagues have dealt with self-defense by going to defense techniques against white and short weapons.

The Malaysian component conducted a real medical course which analyzed the various health procedures to be implemented in the tactical field.

The multinational training activity also allows the exchange of experiences and knowledge between different nations giving the individual soldier the opportunity to increase his professional background exponentially.