Lebanon: teaching classrooms built in Tire

(To Greater Defense)

The inauguration ceremony of the architectural redevelopment of some spaces of the Franciscan convent of Sant'Antonio was held today in the municipality of Tire, a project carried out with funds from the Ministry of Defense and completed by the Italian "Blue Helmets" in close coordination with the authorities local, making use of local companies and labor with positive economic repercussions on the territory.

A solid synergy between the municipality, the local community of the Order of Friars Minor and the Italian contingent in Lebanon, with the sole objective of creating a modern and comfortable educational and training center for Lebanese children of all social backgrounds and religious beliefs .

The intervention involved the redevelopment of the various rooms of the religious complex through maintenance and modernization of the systems according to modern standards of energy efficiency.

Present at the ceremony were the apostolic nuncio to Lebanon Joseph Spiteri, the representative of the Shiite mufti of Tire, Rabii Kobaysi, the mayor Hassan Mohammed Nabouq and the commander of the West sector of Unifil, general Andrea Di Stasio.

After the blessing given by Monsignor Spiteri, General Di Stasio took the floor, underlining that “The presence of a representative of the Islamic faith at the inaugural ceremony of the premises of the convent denotes how religious coexistence between Christians and Muslims is possible. This interreligious harmony "concluded Di Stasio, "It must be protected and safeguarded by all the actors present in the country, through dialogue and mutual trust, indispensable tools for a lasting peace".