Lebanon: United Nations military adviser visiting the Italian advanced base


Thursday 11 May ended the visit to one of the advanced bases of the Italian contingent in Lebanon with the UNIFIL mission by the ten. January Carlos Humberto Loitey (Uruguay), military adviser (MilAd) for the United Nations and responsible for the general sub-secretariat.

The ten. January Carlos Humberto Loitey, who is in charge of the 22 November 2016, is in charge of the supervision and assistance of some UN bodies such as the General Secretariat, the Security Council, the department of political affairs and department of peacekeeping operations (DPKO) and is an executive and political leader of military peacekeeping missions, including UNIFIL. The commander of the mission, the general of the Irish army Michael Beary and the commander of the Joint Task Force-Lebanon, Brigadier General Francesco Olla, welcomed the military adviser at the base "UN-P 1-31", the outpost of the Italian "blue helmets" that non-stop monitors the border area between Lebanon and Israel through motorized patrolling activities and appended along the so-called Blue Line, the demarcation line dictated by the United Nations the 7 June of the 2000.

In the advanced base, where a platoon of the "Lancieri di Montebello" is currently located, the MilAd has had the opportunity to deepen, through an informative briefing, the issues related to the exact definition of the aforementioned Blue Line by the Lebanese and Israeli authorities both to the activities envisaged by the UN Security Council resolution 1701 that the Italian contingent carries out from the 2006 with the operation "Leonte".