Lebanon: soldiers donate food to needy families

(To Greater Defense)

Over 46 basic food items, equal to about 30 and a half tons of food packaged in 1.500 packages to be sent to needy people and families in South Lebanon, are the result of the special donation of the Italian contingent of the mission in Lebanon.

The initiative started yesterday in Tire with the delivery of the first 60 "food kits" to the Red Cross of the local municipality.

In the coming weeks, the Blue Helmets will continue their activity according to a distribution plan designed to reach the most needy citizens through the volunteers of the Red Cross and the communities of all the main religious confessions present in the area of ​​operations of the Italian contingent.

The foodstuffs, purchased with funds from the Italian Ministry of Defense, were packaged in special sealed packages in compliance with the health and hygiene requirements for loading and transporting on board UN vehicles.

"Despite the risk to their lives and to Covid, once again the Italian soldiers have demonstrated that they are bearers of a culture of peace and solidarity that has reached the hearts of us Lebanese, demonstrating with deeds feelings of sincere brotherhood", began the president of the Red Cross of Tire, Mouzayan Silklawy Ajami, in his welcome speech delivered in the presence of the commander of the Italian contingent in Lebanon, Brigadier General Andrea Di Stasio.

Heartfelt and unanimous thanks was given to Italy and to the Italian peacekeepers for the great attention and proximity to the local population in such a particular situation, which once again sees the most fragile people exposed.

A recent survey by the World Food Program, the United Nations World Food Program, found that two-thirds of Lebanese families suffered a loss of income during the crisis resulting in less money available to purchase food.

"It is in this context that the idea of ​​a concrete response of the Italian contingent towards the Lebanese people was born, also following the numerous requests received directly from the institutions and the local population during meetings with the main governmental and religious authorities of the territory ", General Di Stasio said.

Referring to the aims of the initiative, Di Stasio underlined the extraordinary need and urgency of "A real gesture that arises from the desire to put the dignity of people at the center, especially the poorest, for whom food is not a comfort, but a vital primary need, such as freedom and health".