Lebanon: wedding in operating theater between two soldiers of the Armed Forces

(To Greater Defense)

Two soldiers of the Italian contingent in Lebanon are the first Army soldiers to marry in the operating theater.

Today, at the Italian embassy in Beirut, ambassador Nicoletta Bombardiere celebrated the wedding of two peacekeepers, the corporal chief chief Vincenzo De Rita and the chosen corporal major Fiorella Tomasino, serving at the 232 ° transmission regiment of Avellino and currently engaged in the UNIFIL mission in southern Lebanon with the brigade Granaders of Sardinia.

The service and combat uniform, which dresses the soldiers engaged at home and abroad, was the wedding dress of the major Maj. sc. Fiorella Tomasino. The groom wore the blue beret of the UN peacekeepers.

The commander of the general brigade contingent Diego Filippo Fulco, also present as a witness, and some colleagues representing the more than 1000 Italians of the contingent attended the ceremony.

The relatives attended, via video link from Italy, the ceremony that took place with a civil ceremony.

Gloves, masks and proxemic distances imposed by the COVID-19 emergency, in accordance with current regulations, have marked the different moments of the day.

“Vincenzo and Fiorella, with their decision to marry on a mission and to continue their mandate, are an example of dedication to work and sacrifice. A concrete example of that spirit of service shared by the military ", were the words of General Fulco, commander of the Italian contingent.