Lebanon: Italy-Finland Joint Training (VIDEO!)


Operational readiness, reactivity, interoperability, flexibility of use, capacity for cooperation, effectiveness in coordination, these are the characteristics that distinguish the peacekeepers Italians employed abroad.

To increase these capacities, from 06 to 10 January, the Italian airline of Sector Mobile Reserve powered by the Lancieri di Montebello regiment (8th) and the Force Commander Reserve composed by the Finnish Jäger Company RUK (Reserviupseerikoulu), currently both deployed in the operational area of ​​the West Sector from Lebanon, they trained together.

The language barriers were easily overcome thanks to the high level of standardization of techniques and procedures and to the professionalism with which the soldiers of both contingents applied them. In addition, the training event was spiced with a healthy curiosity towards each other, allowing a fruitful comparison in the name of collaboration.

Specifically, the planning phases, the conduct of motorized patrols and the shooting exercises in the shooting range were particularly interesting. Both sides were able to familiarize themselves with their colleagues' means, weapons and materials, which enriched everyone's experience.

Training between units belonging to different armies acquires significant importance in the scenario where the team operates Joint Task Force Lebanon Sector West of UNIFIL; in this Italian-led area, on the basis of the Granatieri di Sardegna brigade, there are in fact 15 countries present that work together in compliance with United Nations resolution 1701.