Lebanon: Navy and Carabinieri instructors conclude two training courses

(To Greater Defense)

La Italian Bilateral Military Mission in Lebanon (MIBIL) has completed the courses Historical, Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Protection (HACHP) Advanced andAmphibious Fire Support Basic e Train The Trainer in favor, respectively, ofindependent works regiment and marine commandos regiment of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF).

The course HACHP Advanced had the aim of increasing the skills and encouraging the development of new capabilities of visitors in the field of cultural heritage protection, on the basis of the solid and vast expertise of the Carabinieri department Protection of Cultural Heritage.

The training path Amphibious Fire Support Basic e Train The Trainer, was instead aimed at acquiring the knowledge to plan fire in support of amphibious operations, was conducted by a team from the marine brigade Saint Mark

All the activities carried out in the Operational Theater were conducted under the coordination and according to the directives given by operational command of interforce forces (COVI).