Lebanon: The lagoons at the helm of Unifil Italbatt

(To Greater Defense)

On February 22, 2022, at the Italian base of Al Mansouri, the headquarters of the ITALBATT command, the Italian Task Force responsible for West Sector of UNIFIL, in full compliance with the rules for the containment of COVID-19, the military ceremony of rotation between the 66th Aircraft Infantry Regiment Trieste and the lagoon regiment Serene.

The ceremony, held in front of the war flags of the two regiments, was presided over by the commander of the West Sector of UNIFIL, Brigadier General Massimiliano Stecca.

Numerous civil, military and religious authorities were present, including dr. Mohamed Jaffal, Kaymakan of Tire Eng. Hassan Dobouk, president of the Union of Municipalities of Tire and mayor of Tire.

The Blue Helmets of the 66th Trieste in about seven months of their mandate, they conducted 8.752 operational activities on the territory and along the Blue Line (demarcation line dividing Lebanon with Israel), of which 835 conducted jointly with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and 54 CIMIC projects in favor of the local population, including the Forlì project for Lebanon, promoted by the mayor of the city of Forlì, dr. Gian Luca Zattini, and coordinated in Lebanon by Colonel Marco Licari outgoing commander of ITALBATT.

The ITALBATT Task Force, as well as the aforementioned 66th Aircraft Infantry Regiment Trieste it was also made up of a squadron group from the regiment Novara Lancers (5th) of Codroipo (UD), a battalion of the 6th logistic regiment of Budrio (BO) and a company of paratrooper destroyers of Legnago (VR) and by personnel belonging to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Serbia.

Today, under the command of Colonel Claudio Guaschino, the lagoon regiment takes over Serene of Venice with a group of squadrons of the Genoa cavalry regiment (4th) of Palmanova (UD) with shares of the cavalry regiment of Lodi (15th) of Lecce and a company of the 3rd engineer regiment of Udine and a Serb platoon.

The Italian mission in Lebanon, currently led by the cavalry brigade Pozzuolo del Friuli, in his sixth term in the Land of the Cedars with the colors of the United Nations, is responsible for the West Sector of UNIFIL in which 3800 UN peacekeepers operate from 16 of the 46 contributing countries to the UN mission and which includes over 1.000 Italian soldiers.

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