Lebanon: the blue helmets carry out a project for the Hygiene and Health sector

(To Greater Defense)

The Italian contingent of the mission in Lebanon, on an aircraft brigade basis Friuli, continues the aid campaign which, through donations of goods, materials and the realization of specific projects, aims to support the weakest sections of the population.

In this context, in full compliance with the containment measures for COVID, it was inaugurated in recent days at the community of Dayr Quanun An Nhar, by the commander of the western sector of southern Lebanon Brigadier General Stefano Lagorio and by the mayor of the city Adnan Kassir, the waste composting station built to support the hygiene and health sector for the local population.

The project, financed with Italian funds, involved the construction of a light building with a metal structure for the collection of waste and the supply of a compactor.

On the occasion, the mayor wanted to underline the strong bond that has been established between the community of Dayr Quanun An Nhar and the Italian contingent and thanked Italy for the help it has been providing for many years and continues to provide to the local community. thanks to the Italian personnel of the Civil Military Cooperation cell of Sector West (made up of soldiers from the CIMIC unit of Motta di Livenza).