Lebanon: The Italian Blue Helmets provide medical support

(To Greater Defense)

In recent days, the Italian contingent in Lebanon led by Brigadier General Massimiliano Stecca, commander of the West Sector of UNIFIL, conducted a health support activity (medical care) in favor of the population of Ash Sh'aytiyah municipality belonging to the Italian-led area of ​​operations.

The activity took place in an outpatient clinic located in the Social Center, made available by the director Mr. Mohamad Ataia, saw an Italian medical team operate, made up entirely of female personnel (doctors, nurses and health logistic operators), who visited over 30 patients, mainly the elderly and children.

On the premise of the health care activity, the civil-military component (CIMIC) of West Sector UNIFIL donated: 2.000 FFP2 masks, 3.000 FFP1 masks, 32 protective suits, 1.000 vinyl gloves, 1.000 nitrile gloves and 30 liters of disinfectant gel. The material, donated by the Italian commissioner structure, aims to support and help local authorities in the management of the current period of health emergency connected to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Words of deep thanks were pronounced by the director Ataia towards the Italian Contingent: "... today more than ever we are grateful to you Italians for the concrete help you are providing us, the material donated and above all the medical examinations in favor of my fellow citizens are tangible proof of this and I can only thank you wholeheartedly".

The "Medical Care" are among the activities envisaged by United Nations resolution 1701, or in the framework of support for the local population. Specifically, medical teams move "at home" to provide general medical support to municipalities without a health facility.

The Italian mission in Lebanon is currently led by the "Pozzuolo del Friuli" cavalry brigade, in its sixth term in the "Land of the Cedars" with the colors of the United Nations, and is responsible for West Sector of UNIFIL in which 3800 UN peacekeepers operate from 16 of the 46 contributing countries to the UN mission and of which about 1.000 Italian soldiers are part of.

The Italian Blue Helmets operate in Lebanon with impartiality and transparency, close to the Blue Line (blue line), demarcation line with Israel, to ensure stability in the area for over 15 years, monitoring the cessation of hostilities, assisting and supporting the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and providing support to the local population.