Lebanon: serious violation of the dividing line, blue helmet dies


At the 11: 30 around today, near Wazzani, in the Unifil responsibility area, some rockets directed towards Israel were observed. The Israeli defense forces responded with artillery fire in the same place.

During the firefight, a blue helmet, used in a UN station near the town of Ghajar, despite the prompt medical evacuation made possible by the ceasefire request by General Portolano, died as a result of the injuries reported.

General Portolano, head of mission and commander of the Unifil force, immediately got in touch with the parties, the Lebanese armed forces and the Israeli defense forces, to prevent the escalation of the situation.

At around 13.30, near Kafer Shouba, further rockets were launched towards Israel, which responded with artillery strikes in the area where the blows came from.

During the fire actions, all Unifil personnel reached safety positions.

Subsequently, Unifil intensified, in close coordination with the Lebanese armed forces, the control and monitoring of the territory, the Blue Line, the airspace and the Maritime Area of ​​Operation, with the presence and supervision of the Maritime Task Force.

At the moment the situation along the dividing line is apparently calm.

The general strongly condemned this serious violation of the UN Security Council's 1701 Resolution. The Unifil commander is maintaining continuous contact with the parties and has called for more moderation.

Unifil launched an investigation to determine the facts and circumstances of the accident.

Source: Unifil MPIO, magg. Fabrizio Farese

UPDATE: The rockets were directed towards an Israeli military convoy and caused two dead and seven wounded. The fallen blue helmet is of Spanish nationality.