Lebanon: Steel Storm exercise for Italian Blue Helmets

(To Greater Defense)

Train i peacekeepers procedures related to fire support, refine the ability to use weapons, improve and develop operational employment relations, as well as increase coordination and cooperation between the operational units of the UNIFIL Mission and the strategic counterpart represented by the Lebanese Armed Forces (THE F).

These are the objectives of STEEL STORM 1/2022, a six-monthly, multinational and joint-force exercise conducted from 20 to 24 June at the Naquora shooting range.

The training event saw the Italian Blue Helmets and the colleagues belonging to the other contingent maneuver battalions deployed within the West Sector of the UNIFIL Mission training in the use of individual and departmental weapons, developing static, dynamic and joint firing activities with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) belonging to the 5a brigade, operational unit deployed in South Litani Sector (SLS).

There were about 80 i peacekeepers Italians and 15 vehicles used (VTLM Lynx and Blindo Centaur), belonging to ITALBATT, an Italian maneuvering battalion based on the "Serenissima" lagoon regiment, and to the cavalry squadron of the regiment Genoa Cavalleria (4 °).

The final day was attended by the head of the Mission and commander of the UNIFIL Forces in Lebanon, Major General Aroldo Lazaro, and all the commanders of the units dependent on him, including Brigadier General Massimiliano Stecca, commander of the West Sector and the Italian contingent in Lebanon.