Lebanon: Blue Hammer IV tutorial


The exercise was recently held at the Chawakeer training area in Tire Blue Hammer IV which represents the conclusion of a coordinated training path between the peacekeepers Italians and the Lebanese Armed Forces.

The Italian soldiers of the "Lancieri di Montebello" regiment (8th) and of the 1st "Granatieri di Sardegna" regiment, conducted training for four weeks with their Lebanese colleagues to improve techniques and procedures and to improve the coordination between the troops indispensable for the many activities that are carried out daily by the UNIFIL and LAF soldiers.

The commander of the Joint Task Force Lebanon Sector West, Brigadier General Diego Filippo Fulco, and the commander of the 5th LAF Brigade, General Edgar Lawandos, responsible for the Lebanese territory south of the Litani River, were present at the exercise. Their presence testifies to the link between UNIFIL's blue helmets and the Lebanese armed forces.

Initially the soldiers demonstrated operational skills with daring exercises, descending from the top of a tower. Different descent techniques: from the classic double rope to the "Australian" one.

A second phase saw the application of on foot patrolling techniques with the support of armored vehicles, the approach to an urbanized area under cover of selected shooters, the consequent reclamation and safety.

La Blue Hammer, which reached its fourth edition in 2020, underlined the operational link between the UNIFIL contingents and the LAF. Concluded with satisfaction, it gave the possibility of a profitable exchange of experiences. General Fulco in his speech stressed how: "Training is the first moment of knowledge between the military, and is the basis of the brotherhood in weapons indispensable between different armies that work for a common purpose".

The exercise and its contents derive from the UNIFIL mandate, which provides support to the Lebanese armed forces.

The activities were the result of constant and continuous work, the training projects of the Sector West, in fact, follow a cyclical schedule that involves about 2000 Lebanese soldiers each semester.

The comparison that arises from the training finds practical application in the conduct of joint patrols that guarantee compliance with resolution 1701 and safety on Blue Line.