Lebanon: Order of Malta delegation visiting the Italian contingent

(To Greater Defense)

A delegation of the Order of Malta Association in Lebanon, led by President Marwan Sehnaoui, visited the Italian Contingent in the Shama Headquarters in recent days.

The honorary consul of Italy in Tire, Dr. Ahmad Seklaoui.

The delegation was welcomed by General Massimiliano Stecca, commander of the Italian contingent in Lebanon.

The program of the visit included an office call between General Stecca and President Sehnaoui, a presentation briefing on the "Pozzuolo del Friuli" cavalry brigade and on the West Sector of UNIFIL, a static exhibition of medical equipment and materials supplied to the Italian contingent and a donation of personal protective equipment (PPE).

The donated material consisted of: 2000 KN95 masks, 2000 FFP1 surgical masks, 2000 vinyl gloves, 2000 nitrile gloves, 64 protective suits and 25 liters of liquid disinfectant.

The Association Order of Malta in Lebanon it is an apolitical humanitarian organization that has been operating in the country for over 40 years and carries out charitable and health assistance activities throughout the nation and is also present in South Lebanon with numerous projects.