Lebanon: Covid-19 and Blue Line

(To Greater Defense)

"The health emergency must not distract us from our primary tasks: security in the south of Lebanon and control of the Blue Line". These are the words of the divisional general Steano Del Col, Head of Mission e Force Commander of the Blue Helmets in Lebanon.
"Prevention is the best weapon" he reminded each peacekeeper in an awareness campaign targeting the more than 11000 UNIFIL men and women that took place in late March.

In Shama, headquarters of Sector West commanded by brigadier Diego Fulco, patrols continue on the Blue Line, neither support nor activities in close coordination with the LAF (Lebanese Armed Forces) continue, called at this time to a widespread control of the territory.
UNIFIL peacekeepers continue their mission by implementing all the precautions aimed at preventing the spread of the virus.

Hygiene measures, use of personal protective equipment, constant and careful compliance with health regulations do not stop the spirit of service that animates not only the Italian military, but all the soldiers of the 45 contributing countries.

The Italian Blue Helmets of Sector West with their service honor the mandate received from the United Nations, a way also to be close to colleagues, in Italy, called to face the pandemic emergency.

In the daily life of our service, our soldiers have increased their safety with the use of masks, gloves and sanitizing gel. At the entrance of the United Nation Position, the bases of UNIFIL, the body temperature of all personnel, civil and military, is detected, the first screening to highlight any infected. Assemblies are avoided and hygiene rules are carefully observed.

Even in Lebanon, the COVID-19 emergency has changed the way we deal with every single day, but this does not affect the military's sense of duty and service.

Italian pride also passes through Lebanon.