Lebanon: Italian contingent in support of the population

(To Greater Defense)

Support the local population through Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) and Gender (GENDER) initiatives through the inauguration of 3 projects, the donation of school materials, medical support, training and support for small businesses.

These are the projects completed by Blue Helmets of the Italian contingent in Lebanon in recent days in the municipalities of: Al Qulaylah, inauguration of the renovation of the Social Development Center (SDC), Marakah, inauguration of the works of the new sewer pipe, Ayta Shab inauguration of the new complete kitchen donated to Social Development Center (SDC), Bint Jubail donation to the public schools ofunion of municipalities, Bayt Yahoun medical assistance for 30 people (9 men, 17 women, 2 children and 2 elderly people), Dair Qanun, An Nahr and Tibnin cooking classes for 54 women, while an event was organized in the Shama base in favor of of female entrepreneurship with the participation of 20 associations.

All events were attended by Brigadier General Massimiliano Stecca, commander of the West Sector UNIFIL and the Italian contingent in Lebanon.

All the initiatives completed met with the applause and thanks of the local authorities, who expressed feelings of esteem and gratitude towards the Italian contingent for the donated materials and the training, socialization, aggregation and sharing opportunities provided.

The CIMIC projects, organized by cell G9 of West Sector, are part of the intervention activities of civil administration - local authorities sector, civil environment - health and hygiene and humanitarian support - minorities and vulnerable groups.

The GENDER projects, organized by gender consultant of the commander of the West Sector, fall within those provided by the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) policy aimed at raising awareness and achieving gender equality, safeguarding human rights in the area of ​​operations.