Lebanon: Italian Blue Helmets renovate medical clinic

(To Greater Defense)

A new medical clinic was inaugurated in Qallawiyah, in southern Lebanon, by the soldiers of the Italian contingent of Unifil, the United Nations Interposition Force deployed on the border with the state of Israel.

The structure was affected by a major renovation which involved the reconstruction of the roof, the main façade, the electrical and water-sewer system. The works, carried out in compliance with the regulations in force in Lebanon regarding the protection, safety and health of workers, involved an area of ​​approximately 160 square meters in which the functional reorganization of the interior spaces was completed through the construction of a large main entrance which also serves as a waiting room, a wing intended to accommodate patients and rooms for the use of medical and nursing staff.

The hospital unit is equipped with all primary health services and will guarantee adequate medical assistance to the 2.000 residents of the village and more than 3.500 inhabitants of the neighboring villages.

The project, financed with funds from the Italian Ministry of Defense, is part of the health sector development plan carried out by the Blue Helmets of the national contingent in close coordination with the local authorities, making use of local labor, with positive economic effects on the territory.

The mayor of Qallawiyah, Mansur Ilayan, and General Andrea Di Stasio, commander of the West sector of Unifil, were present at the inauguration ceremony, to whom thanks went on behalf of the entire community for the closeness and the usual attention of the "helmets blu ”Italians to meet the health needs of the Union of Al-Qalaa Municipalities.

Assistance to the Lebanese population, together with monitoring the cessation of hostilities and supporting the Lebanese armed forces, is one of the main tasks assigned to the Italian contingent of Unifil in compliance with UN Security Council resolution 1701.