Lebanon: Italian Blue Helmets and LAF in joint training

(To Greater Defense)

Train to deal with unrest that could jeopardize stability, security and freedom of movement, through the use of riot gear for crowd control.

These are the topics on which i peacekeepers of ITALBATT, the Italian maneuvering battalion of the Western Sector of UNIFIL, led by the “Serenissima” lagoon regiment, with the Lebanese Army (Lebanese Armed Forces) in Tire in recent days.

The training cycle that has just ended is one of the 12 packages provided for by the six-monthly training directive issued by the commander of the West Sector of UNIFIL, aimed at strengthening the sharing and coordination of technical-tactical procedures and familiarization in the use of the means and materials supplied between Italian Blue Helmets and LAF, implementing the synergy of use in the field United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

The training session ended with the delivery of the certificates to the Lebanese colleagues by Lieutenant Colonel Giovanni Lanna, ITALBATT battalion commander.

Joint activity (operational and training) with the Lebanese Armed Forces is provided for by UN Resolution 1701.

The activities also include joint patrols along the Blue Line (demarcation line between Lebanon and Israel) and in the entire area of ​​operations between the Litani River in the north and the Blue Line South.