Latvia: Rampart Shield exercise ended

(To Greater Defense)

It ended on Sunday for the Italian personnel involved in the operation in Latvia Baltic Guardian, the exercise called "Rampart Shield", an important training moment in view of the multinational exercise "Silver Arrow", with which the units included in the Canadian-led multinational NATO battle group will achieve Full Operational Capability (FOC).

In particular, the purpose of the "Rampart Shield" was to train the personnel to conduct tactical defensive activities through the construction of "battle positions" and the positioning of obstacles on the ground.

The "Pioneer Academy" was fundamental, that is a practical seminar conducted in the previous days and managed by personnel of the genius company of the Spanish contingent, which showed the different NATO teams the technical-tactical procedures to be used in the "work on the battlefield ”(LCB).

Decisive was the work carried out by the maneuvering units (Combat) and maneuvering support (Combat Support) of the Italian contingent, which confirmed the high level of training achieved, also conducting the main effort in the field of design maneuver defined by the Canadian commander of the battle group.

The exercise Rampart Shield it is part of the training module called "Rampart Prime", the purpose of which is to achieve the maximum degree of integration between the forces of NATO enhanced Forward Presence "Latvia".

At the end of this module, the second training phase will begin for the multinational Task Group which provides for the full involvement of the units of the Latvian army, in order to strengthen the level of cohesion and standardization with the troops of the Host Nation.

Enanched Forward Presence “Latvia” is a measure of a defensive nature, fully in line with NATO's international commitment. In this sense, it represents a concrete effort to preserve peace, constituting a strengthening of the principle of deterrence of the Atlantic Alliance.

All operational and training activities conducted by the Italian Armed Forces on the east flank of NATO are arranged by the Chief of Defense Staff, Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, and carried out under the coordination and according to the directives given by the operational command of interforce forces (COVI).

COVI is the staff body of the Chief of Defense Staff, responsible for planning, coordinating and directing military operations, national and multinational joint exercises and related activities.

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