Latvia: Italian military activity continues

(To Greater Defense)

The activity of the Italian military continues, employed in Latvia also during the emergency COVID-19, who in these days have been engaged in the Steele Anvil to improve the operational skills of the contigent's Alpine troops.

The complex and articulated activity, lasting three days, involved both the operational and logistic units that worked alongside the Allied armies of the initiative Enhanced Forward Presence.

The Alpini of the Baltic Task Group have been inserted into a multinational device, the Task Group "Latvia", and following an escalation of activations they were quickly deployed in the Camp Adazi area to conduct offensive operations in a scenario of warfighting.

The 34th company "Lupi" was chosen as the main maneuvering unit to carry out the mission: to dissuade any attackers and defend the Latvian population and territory against any possible aggression.

The "Penne Nere" have conducted a demanding cycle of activities in these months aimed at amalgamating the technical / tactical procedures with the other contingents, improving more and more and managing to adapt, as well as to move and operate, in the difficult Latvian territory.

The high speed and mobility of the Alpine infantry, trained to move and fight in harsh climates and in particularly compartmentalized environments, such as the Latvian forest environment, has allowed the 34th company "Lupi" to brilliantly complete the assigned task . The contribution of the specialist structures of the mountain troops such as the marksmen, the medium mortar platoon and the counter-tank team that combine high mobility and firepower was also decisive for the success of the operations.

L'Enhanced Forward Presence demonstrates NATO's willingness and ability to act in a unified way - NATO stands as one - and represents an extraordinary moment of verification of its military deployment capabilities and flexibility of use.

Thanks to the prevention and protection procedures adopted by the contingents participating in the initiative Enhanced Forward Presence in Latvia to combat the pandemic, the maximum operational capacity of the Baltic Task Group avoiding compromising the Mission. Also in Latvia the emergency COVID-19 has changed the way of dealing with every single day but this does not affect the sense of duty and the spirit of service of the Italian military.