Latvia: the Centauro bus in training

(To Greater Defense)

Latvia: conducted, by the cavalry component of the Italian contingent, on the basis of the Army's Alpine troops, a series of training activities aimed at increasing the capacity of the deployed unit to operate on compartmentalised terrain in support of light infantry units .

The structure, taken from the alpine brigade Taurinense and inserted in battle group dell 'enhanced Forward Precence (eFP Latvia), in a NATO multinational context, carried out approach and combat maneuvers with white and fire actions with armed bus Centaur, ensuring the necessary mobility for troops in particularly difficult-to-reach areas.

The reconnaissance activities, often conducted in extreme conditions, allow the acquisition of information data on the operating environment in order to guarantee the safety and protection of forces.

The 105 mm rifled muzzle, the self-stabilized aiming system with data processing unit and the power-to-weight ratio constitute the operational elements of the armed busway. Centaur, vehicle supplied to the aforementioned units.

Tactical and operational, the Centaur it is capable of firing even on the move by exploiting the stabilization of the line of sight and the electro-hydraulic lifting and tilting systems.

The high mobility and autonomy on the road and the large off-road capability allow cavalry units to carry out the combined conduct of tactical activities offensive, defensive e enabling, in the context of combat campaigns

All capabilities, together with that tank destroyer, appreciated by the other armies making up the NATO coalition of eFP Latvia.

Intensive training of all operational components is the fundamental condition to be able to maintain excellent levels of readiness of the units, such as to be able to be rapidly used in international contexts.