Latvia: the Italian contingent in joint training

(To Greater Defense)

Camp Adazi: the TACP team of the Italian contingent in Latvia, in recent days conducted an important joint training activity with US, Spanish and Latvian partners, as part of the Operation Baltic Guardian dell 'enanched Forward Presence Latvia, in order to increase the operational capabilities in the coordination of fire between the ground forces and those of the third dimension.

In particular, the Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) Italian had the opportunity to train jointly with the allied forces, taking advantage of the high altitude movements of two US helicopters, the Bell AH-1 Cobra and UH-1 Iroquois Huey, simulating a scenario of high operational intensity, first defensive and then offensive, through the activation of Close Combat Attack (CCA) e Close Air Support (CAS)

Synergy and standardization of procedures, keywords that have constantly accompanied the work of the TACP teams of the various contingents present in Adazi, who have been involved in numerous activities of the first training module defined Rampart Prime, through exercises both in Latvia and in the other Baltic countries, also theaters of operation of the eFP.

Precious structure of the Italian contingent in Latvia, under the command of Lt. with the. Federico Mora, currently on a bersaglieri brigade base Garibaldi, the TACP team consists of a JTAC operator, two laser operator it's a driver.

The formation of the JTAC follows a particularly selective process, the purpose of which is to qualify operators specialized in combat actions to support, from advanced positions, the scheme of the land maneuver through the coordination of fire from the third dimension (fixed or rotary wing) or with the 'artillery.

Responsibility for operations abroad, including in Latvia, falls under the Interoperable Summit Operations Command (COVI), led by the general of the army corps Francesco Paolo Figliuolo.

COVI is the staff body of the Chief of Defense Staff, responsible for planning, coordinating and directing military operations, national and multinational joint exercises and related activities.

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