Latvia: the Italian contingent trains the Latvian Military Academy

(To Greater Defense)

Since July 15, at the training areas of Camp Adazi in Latvia, the Summer Camp of the Latvian Defense National Academy, the main training activity that annually involves the students of the Military Academy.

The novelty of this year is that for the first time since the beginning of the mission, the Italian contingent employed in the eFP LATVIA field had the lead.

The responsibility of the exercise, developed by simulating opposing parties, was entrusted to Captain Pierre Ciampi, commander of the operating company enucleated under tactical command of the Battle Group international.

The salient training moments, after a suitable period of planning, saw the development of elementary tactical acts in attack and defense situations and in compliance with NATO's technical and tactical procedures.

The intense training session ended on 21 July after 72 hours of continuous training.