Latvia, the Wolverine Shield & Strike exercise concluded

(To Greater Defense)

In recent days, the Italian personnel engaged in Latvia, mainly made up of units from the "Garibaldi" Bersaglieri brigade, successfully completed the battlegroup level exercise called Wolverine Shield & Strike.

This complex exercise played a key role in consolidating the interoperability achieved, in view of the integrated capstone exercise called Crystal Arrow, with which the units part of the Canadian-led NATO multinational battlegroup will achieve the Full Operational Capability (FOC). 

The continuous training activity in opposing parties was divided into two phases: the first, called Wolverine Shield, which saw units of the multinational battlegroup practice the conduct of tactical defensive activities; the second, named Wolverine Strike, saw the multinational unit practice the conduct of offensive tactical activities.

The training activity in question was conducted with a high level of realism, applying all the necessary safety measures, in an environment marked by decidedly harsh weather conditions.

The exercise involved all the national assets deployed in the Latvian theater of operations: the combat units (for maneuver), the combat support units and the assets for logistic support. 

THEenhanced Forward Presence LATVIA it is an operation of a defensive nature, in line with NATO's international commitment. In this sense, it represents a concrete effort to preserve peace, constituting a strengthening of the principle of deterrence of the Atlantic Alliance.