Latvia, NATO exercise Iron Spear concluded

(To Greater Defense)

The multinational exercise "IRON SPEAR 23-01", conducted in the training areas near the Camp Adazi military base, ended in recent days.

The activity was planned, organized and directed by the Polish company directly employed by battle group multinational eFP Latvia and saw 24 combat platform crews compete against each other from 8 NATO countries (Canada, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Spain and the United States), which currently operate among the ranks of the multinational contingents of stationed in Latvia, Estonia and Poland.

The purpose of the exercise was the consolidation of the operational procedures among the crews, for the achievement of a high level of integration and interoperability between the armored and armored units coming from the three battle group deployed on the eastern flank of the NATO alliance, as part of theenanched Forward Presence.

The activity, spread over three days, was inaugurated by a demonstration of the engagement capacity, both day and night, of all the participating combat vehicles and continued in the following days with the performance of numerous tests aimed at testing the crews in the overcoming obstacles, in the rapidity and precision of shooting on the move, in the speed of identifying objectives.

The Italian maneuver component, mainly made up of units from the "Garibaldi" Bersaglieri brigade, deployed five crews based on the VCC 80 "Dardo", "Ariete" tank and "Centauro" armored personnel carrier, who confirmed the very high preparation of the personnel during all the training phases.