Latvia: LATVIAN WOLF 24 exercise concluded

(To Army Majority State)

Yesterday the personnel of the "Baltic" Task Group were involved in the operation enhanced Forward Presence in Latvia, completed the "LATVIAN WOLF 24" exercise inside Lielvarde airport.

The LATVIAN WOLF saw the "Air Defense" component involved in the Task Group, as well as men and women from the 121st and 17th anti-aircraft artillery regiments, who constituted a Command Place tactical and conducted air defense actions with shooting positions equipped with the "Stinger" short-range weapon system and the aid of the "Skyguard" radar center. The activity was carried out in close coordination with all allied assets present in Latvia, including Eurofighter fighters Typhoon and allied F16s.

The joint exercise made it possible to perfect the integration procedures and improve the interoperability of the Allied air defense assets present in Latvia, including the short/medium range air defense system NASAMS "National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System", improving reaction capabilities and implementing the operational readiness standards of the Allied air defense system.​