Latvia: Spring Storm 24 concluded

(To Army Majority State)

The Italian contingent in Latvia, part of the NATO mission enhanced Forward Presence and composed mainly of Bersaglieri from the "Garibaldi" brigade, participated in the "Spring Storm 2024", a multinational military exercise organized by the Estonian Defense Forces on its national soil.

La Spring Storm it lasted fifteen days, involved almost 14.000 soldiers from twelve member countries of the Atlantic Alliance (Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, United Kingdom, Georgia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Poland, United States) and was mainly aimed at certifying the achievement of full operational capability of the Estonian brigade.

The assets and combat platforms participating in the exercise were deployed near Tapa, in southern Estonia and conducted defensive maneuvers on the ground, applying NATO standardization and interoperability procedures.

The Italian soldiers of the "Baltic" Task Group participated with a platoon of sappers, with heavy infantry on "Dardo" tanks and providing a logistical portion of the National Support Element.

​​In line with NATO's international commitment, the "Baltic" Task Group reflects the national determination in fulfilling the primary mission of collective security and territorial integrity of the Baltic countries, as well as the reconfirmation of the principle of cohesion and solidarity between the member countries of the NATO alliance.​