Latvia: the first phase of the Silver Arrow exercise concluded

(To Greater Defense)

From 5 to 12 September, the first phase of the "Silver Arrow" exercise took place at the Adazi shooting range (Latvia). NATO eFP battlegroup Latvia.

The exercise was conducted by the Latvian mechanized brigade command which developed its own defensive maneuver using the three battalions employed including two Latvian battalions and, indeed, the battlegroup international.

The strengthening of operational capabilities, through the achievement of optimal cohesion between the different components and the greater fluidity of interoperability between them, was the key aim pursued by the battlegroup.

The activity with opposing parties, perfectly inserted in the scenario designed by the supposed tactician, has made it possible to achieve a very high training realism. As OPFOR, forces identified by the eFP battlegroup deployed in Poland.

As regards the Italian contribution, the Garibaldi Coy, divided into two Bersaglieri platoons and a tank platoon, has developed the reserve task of the Brigade which, in defensive maneuvering, represents a precious asset having to be ready to transform the features of use received according to planning into action.

The unit belonging to the bersaglieri brigade Garibaldi, for professionalism and level of preparation, received unanimous applause for the work carried out, especially from the commander of the NATO eFP battlegroup Latvia, and the commander of the Latvian mechanized brigade.