Latvia: training for the Italian contingent

(To Army Majority State)

The Italian contingent, deployed in the framework of the mission in Latvia, at the Ādaži base, conducted a series of training activities, such as the Combat Recovery and 60 mm short-range mortar shooting lessons, with the aim of improving the operational and cooperation capabilities of the unit with other countries of the Atlantic Alliance.

The heavy infantry company deployed in Latvia conducted a training activity in which, following the shooting down of a US UH60 helicopter - Black Hack, intervened which Quick Reaction Force (QRF) of theenanched Forward Presence Battle Group to carry out the Combat Recovery (recognition and extraction of the crew).

The company equipped with individual weapons (fitted with blanks) and ward, which also included a C1 platoon Ram, a Spanish platoon Sapper and an Albanian EOD team, was transported and infiltrated in a woodland environment with the task of recognizing and extracting the pilots, who were injured in their own aircraft following the killing of the same. The hostile elements present in the area were represented by Polish and Canadian nationals.

The intervention in support of the patrols of Combat Recovery by the cart platoon, with the use of the C1 Ram, was decisive in carrying out the entire activity.

Furthermore, the unit was trained by conducting C6-210 COMMANDO mortar lessons from 60mm, supplied with it, together with Spanish personnel. The activities carried out have allowed the military to be trained and amalgamated, perfecting the technical-tactical procedures for using the equipment and the equipment supplied and the command and control functions thanks to the adoption of the same operating standards among the various multinational units that have taken part in the exercise.

The Italian contingent, framed in the Multinational Battle Group Latvia (MN BG LATVIA) a Canadian guide, in which 9 countries of the Alliance are framed, trains to pursue the objectives set by the eFP, such as the capacity for integration and cooperation between NATO countries.

Currently, the Italian contingent deployed in Latvia as part of the "Baltic Guardian" operation is based on the 1 ° Bersaglieri regiment stationed in Cosenza, supplemented by an operating unit platoon level and staff of the 4 wagon regiment stationed in Persano and other Army units.