Alpine troops train the Lebanese Armed Forces

(To Army Majority State)

The 4th Alpine skiing training course organized by the Italian Bilateral Mission in Lebanon (MIBIL) and conducted by the instructors of the Alpine Training Center of Aosta has ended.

The course was attended by 16 young LAF (Lebanese Armed Forces, the Lebanese regular Army) soldiers, in important lessons on the subjective and objective risks of the mountain environment, on the materials necessary for individual safety (shovels, probes, search systems overwhelmed avalanches also called avalanche transceiver) and progression techniques on snowy slopes with heavy loads on the shoulders.

The course represented not only an indispensable training moment for the Lebanese Mountain Troops, who in recent years and political scenarios have rediscovered the importance of the movement at high altitude, but also a moment of preparation for the training activity at an international level " White Fox Exercise - Ca.STA Alpine Troops Ski Championships ", in which they will take part in the first days of March as a National representative.

For three weeks, the young military students traveled 450 m in altitude per day with a minimum of 15 kilos on their shoulders, reached five peaks including those of the Machraa Tourmous (q.2932m) and all carried out in all weather conditions to train not only the aerobic endurance but also the mental endurance typical of Alpine and mountain troops. These are some of the tests that led to the hard selection of the team that will take part in the CaSTA 2020 competition.