The Navy in Malta on National Independence Day

(To Marina Militare)

Within the activities of Naval Diplomacy conducted by the assets of the operation Safe Mediterranean, from 19 to 22 September the Italian frigate Federico Martinengo parked in Malta, and the destroyer Andrea Doria, met and worked with the Maltese Armed Forces.

On both units, the ambassador of Italy to Malta, if Fabrizio Romano, met the crews thanking the women and men with the stars for the work they do daily in the service of national interests in the various geopolitical theaters. He also underlined the importance of cooperation between Italy and Malta, in the broader context of maritime security in the Mediterranean, also underlining the importance of the stops of the naval units of the Navy in Valletta.

To welcome the ambassador aboard the ship Martinengoin addition to the commander, cf Mauro Ghezzi, the tactical commander of the second rotation of the operation was present Safe Mediterranean, Rear Admiral Luca Pasquale Esposito.

The unit then hosted the visit of the highest leaders of the Maltese Armed Forces, all linked to Italy by training and operational backgrounds.

Among the issues touched on the situation in the Central Mediterranean and the common desire to increase interoperability between the two Navies.

The Martinengo stop coincided with the celebrations of National Independence Day, a national holiday par excellence, on the occasion of which the Unit opened its doors in favor of local citizenship.

The joint activities then continued at sea, with Nave Doria which trained with the Maltese Navy patrol vessel P-61 in the delicate sectors of the Search and Rescue and Maritime Interdiction Operations, in line with the operational requirements on which the cooperation between the two Navies was built.

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