Granatieri leaves for Lebanon

(To Army Majority State)

The 25 October, in the "A. Gandin" barracks, headquarters of the "Granatieri di Sardegna" Brigade Command, the ceremony was held to greet the city by the Great Elementary Unit in view of the forthcoming employment in the Lebanese Operative Theater. With this ceremony, held in the presence of the division commander Acqui, division general Fabio Polli and other civil, military and religious authorities, the brigade's units have completed a long and intense period of training, aimed at employment in the operating sector in the South-West of Lebanon.

All the preparation activities were preparatory to the fulfillment of the mission entrusted to the Italian contingent by the UN resolution 1701, which foresees the monitoring of the cessation of hostilities in the border areas with Israel, assistance to the local population and support to the training of the Lebanese Armed Forces.

In his speech, the division commander Acqui acknowledged to the Granatieri personnel the high level of preparation achieved and highlighted that, as well as for the performance of all the heterogeneous missions assigned to the Italian Army Units, also in this case the training conducted and the technical skills professional acquired and consolidated during the preparation phase will be fundamental to achieve excellent results in the complex Lebanese operating scenario.

The commander of the Granatieri brigade, Brigadier General Diego Filippo Fulco, who will take command of structures from well 13 different countries, as part of his speech, praised all the soldiers present for the commitment and professionalism shown in these months of preparation to represent the Nation in the Country of the "Cedars", where the Grenadier will be employed for the third time by the 2008.

He also wanted to thank the family members of all the military for the support they provide daily to their relatives in arms and finally he addressed a thought to those who, in the past, sacrificed their lives for the Fatherland. The ceremony ended with the Blessing and Prayer of the Grenadier from the military chaplain don Pierluca Bancale.