FREMM Antonio Marceglia completes the deployment of the Very high readiness Joint Task Force

(To Greater Defense)

The prow of Nave Marceglia is oriented towards the source of La Spezia, now at the end of the intense period of deployment in the Mediterranean Sea with the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (NATO's second permanent naval group), consisting of one of the four devices of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force maritime inserted in the frame of the Rapid Reaction Force of the Atlantic Alliance (NATO Response Force).

The most modern unit of the FREMM project (European Multi-Mission Frigate) operated in the central and eastern Mediterranean where, in this strip of sea, it participated in the front line in the activities of presence and surveillance, guaranteeing, at the same time, both maritime safety and the stability of the area, and the free use of communication routes.

During the period at sea, the women and men on board interacted with the naval assets crews of the US Navy, the Armada Española, the French Marine Nationale and the Türk Deniz Kuvvetleri (Turkish Navy) in multiple operational and exercise activities. , with increasing difficulty, aimed at increasing more and more the already high level of readiness and interoperability between NATO forces.

Among the most significant training events are the tactical movements of naval units, which simulated belonging to opposing forces, as well as the joint activity of Force Protection between Ship Marceglia, his rigid keel inflatable boat and the two fast boats, CCA 4007 and CCA 4008, of the Special Forces of the US Navy: symbol of the synergy and interoperability of the assets of the navies of the various Allied countries.

In order to increase knowledge in the professional field, as well as to highlight the main tactical and operational aspects of the VJTF (m), a staff meeting was organized during the stop in the Bay of Souda, in Crete, in which the rear admiral Sciretta, at the guide of the naval group, and the commanders of the various units, together with their staff, were able to discuss and detail the subsequent activities at sea.

The crew on board, together with the specialized components on board, such as the marine brigade team Saint Mark  and the Helicopter Section, represented one of the most valuable assets, flagship of the technological innovation of the country system, actively contributing to the arduous task of the Alliance in the waters of the Mare Nostrum.

Ship Marceglia he is now preparing to return to his homeland, where he will prepare for the next anti-piracy operation in the Gulf of Guinea, where he will operate until December.

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