The Bergamini frigate of the Navy leaves the Atalanta operation after three months of activity

(To Marina Militare)

The frigate Carlo Bergamini of the Navy ended its participation in the European anti-piracy operation Atalanta, during which he carried out presence and surveillance duties in the Gulf of Aden and in the Indian Ocean, along maritime traffic lines, strategic for national and European interests.

Among the tasks of the mission, within the broader framework of the Naval Diplomacy, the unit helped to consolidate collaboration relationships with the countries of the area and with the local communities. In the next few days ship Bergamini will return to Taranto.

From February 15 ship Bergamini has operated uninterruptedly in the EU NAVFOR Somalia device, effectively contributing to fighting piracy in the area by patrolling the waters most at risk and covering over 14.700 miles, for a total of 1740 engine hours, over 140 flight hours - including 27 at night - of the two helicopters embarked, 18 consensual visits (friendly approach / from the boat approach) to boats in Somali waters, 18 Intelligence missions, Surveillance and Reconnaissance of data collection, 31 patrol missions Surface Surveillance Control, 33 days of patrolling in Somali coastal waters and 23 interrogations to merchant ships and boats. The ship also escorted the merchant for two days Juist of the World Food Program.

The operation Atalanta, decided by the European Council in November 2008, is in fact the first European-led maritime military operation. The operation was created to combat piracy in the Horn of Africa area (Gulf of Aden and Somali basin), which continues to pose a threat to the freedom of navigation of merchant traffic and in particular to the transport of humanitarian aid from the World Food Program.

Naval units and aircrafts located in the area participate in the mission for the surveillance and recognition of suspicious activities related to piracy.