The San Marco marine brigade trains the Gibutian Coast Guard

(To Marina Militare)

The 31 ° VBSS Training Module (Visit, Board, Search and Seizure) in "Compliant" (non hostile) scenarios in favor of du Group of Intervention Rapide de la Garde-Cotes (GIRGC) from Gibraltar, started the 13 of the same month and which, for a duration of about 3 weeks, saw the participation of 22 Gibutian soldiers.

The award ceremony was attended by Ms Defense Minister, Elisabetta Trenta, the commander of the Garde-Cotes of Djibouti, Colonel Wais Omar Bogoreh, the commander of the Italian Military Base of Support, Captain Liborio Francesco Palombella, and other local political and military authorities.

The VBSS Training Module was conducted by a Mobile Training Team (MTT) of the 2 San Marco regiment of the San Marco marine brigade, composed of professionals of the sector who, taking advantage of the skills and experience in the Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO), have planned and conducted specific training concerning the use of the weapons supplied, conducting fire drills at the Artà polygon, operational swimming, tactical movement on board of naval units to be inspected, acquisition of the necessary techniques for boarding a merchant ship and its safety and, finally, a static demonstration of the equipment supplied with the 2 ° regiment Saint Mark, carried out on board the frigate Antonio Marceglia.

The development of the Training Module provided the necessary skills to the two boarding teams Gibutians to be able to operate in a coordinated manner on board the cooperating merchant shipping, secure it and proceed with its inspection.

The award ceremony was held at the ceremonial hall of the Coast Guard Base in Doroleh, where the Defense Minister, Elisabetta Trenta, met the instructor and attending staff expressing personal satisfaction for the training that has just ended, and the hope for an ever more fruitful and close collaboration between the Italian Navy and the coast guards from Gibraltar.