Kuwait: Task Group Typhoon reaches 1.000 flight hours

(To Greater Defense)

1000 hours of flight is the important milestone reached by the Euro Fighter of the Italian Air Force of the Task Group Typhoon deployed, since last April, at the Alì Al Salem base in Kuwait, as part of the operation Inherent Resolve / Prima Parthica.

This extraordinary result is added to the one already obtained previously of about 3000 flight hours conducted taking off from the Ali Al Jaber base, where the Euro Fighter were redeployed from March 2019 to August 2020.

In just 6 months from the beginning of their current mandate on Alì Al Salem, started following the alternation with the Tornado of the Task Group Devil, the Typhoon Italians have demonstrated their full operational capability in ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance) flight missions, covering approximately 3500 points of interest and providing a valuable operational contribution in the fight against Daesh.

The "Typhoon" Task Group has also demonstrated extreme efficiency in cooperation missions with American troops through the organization of Joint Reconnaissance and Close Air Support exercises at the air / ground firing range, under the control of Joint Tactical Attack Controller (JTAC) from the United States. An important result not only for the line Euro Fighter, but integrated and shared with the other Coalition partners.

Made up of seafaring personnel, specialists and maintenance technicians coming mainly from the 4th, 36th, 37th and 51st wing, the Task Group Typhoon operates in full synergy with the other components deployed on Alì Al Salem: the Task Group Phoenix which, through the structure Predator, is added to theEuro Fighter for the maintenance of Situational Awareness in the coalition ISR missions and the Task Group Breus than with the aircraft KC-767A carries out refueling operations in flight, an essential capability for the entire coalition as it increases the range, autonomy and payload of aircraft with "receiver" capabilities, such as theEuro Fighter precisely, acting as a real force multiplier.

To celebrate this ambitious goal, the staff of the Task Group Typhoon had the pleasure of sharing some moments with the remaining staff of the IT-NCC AIR as well as with guests and authorities of the Host Nation and the Coalition.