Kuwait: 4000 hours flown and 5000 targets reconceived by Tornadoes

(To Greater Defense)

“Today we celebrate an operating result that goes far beyond the statistical data: 4000 hours flown and 5000 goals in favor of the IR Coalition. The thousands of hours flown in operational missions, of objectives and points of interest covered in the context of Operation Inherent Resolve by the "Devil" Task Group are the result of your ability to work in a team, to keep the structure ready and in full efficiency, to identify and promptly resolve problems and criticalities, qualities that allow the Tornado today, and will allow for several years to continue, to express great operational effectiveness. "

With these words, Colonel Luca Giuseppe Vitaliti, commander of the Italian National Contingent Command Air and Task Force Air Kuwait, who spoke on Sunday 14 February 2021 at the Ahmed Al Jaber air base (Kuwait), recognized the men and women of the Task Force Group Devil the credit for the achievement of important goals by the Italian Tornadoes, from 2014 to today.

IT NCC AIR celebrated the important milestone achieved to underline the motivation, synergy and ability to work as a team of the "Devil" Task Group, operational component, together with the Task Group KC-767A "Breus", Task Group Predator "Araba Fenice" and IT NCC AIR Task Group “Albatros”.