Kosovo: a bridge to unite the communities of Pec and Klina

(To Greater Defense)

A technical meeting was held today at Camp Villaggio Italia during which the engineer of the Infrastructure Management Cell (IMC) of the Regional Command West (RC-W) analyzed the structural problems related to a bridge that connects Pec to Klina and in particular two communities, one Albanian and the other Serbian.

Today's meeting is the conclusion of a series of effective and targeted engagements that took place in the last three months between the commander of RC-W colonel Marco Javarone, the mayor of Klina Zenun Elezaj and the representative of the Serbian community Silvia Raskovic, supported by the continuous work of the LMTs, of the cell of Civil and Military Cooperation (CIMIC) and the BMI.

The meeting was attended, in addition to the aforementioned personalities, also by the Councilor for Urban Planning and Defense of the Environment of Klina Enver Berisha and, as rapporteur, the director of the IMC.

Following various inspections and in-depth investigations, some problems have been identified that have determined the presence of important structural damage to the bridge due to water corrosion and erosion of the surrounding land.

The director of the IMC has proposed possible solutions to restore the full efficiency of the bridge, which require highly specialized interventions that can only be carried out by a construction company in the sector, and has renewed the availability of RC-W to provide technical support at any time. .

Il Italian contingent of the mission KFOR ensures the fulfillment of the mission's task according to the dictates of Resolution 1244 of the Security Council of the United Nations of 1999, in order to ensure a safe and secure environment for all communities living in Kosovo.