Kosovo: Italian soldiers carry out a first aid training campaign


In Kosovo a training campaign on first aid, called "My life in your hands", is underway in these days. It was born from the collaboration between the Regional Command West (RC-W) and the councilorship for sport and culture of the municipality of Peč / Pejë, a municipality that is part of the area in which Italian soldiers operate in the western multinational contingent on mission in Kosovo. The purpose of the initiative is to instruct young athletes, belonging to different age groups and coming from various local sports associations, to intervene in case of cardio-respiratory arrest and traumas of various nature, through the application of first aid procedures and resuscitation, aimed at restoring and maintaining vital functions.

The initiative foresees the realization of a series of meetings at the various sports centers that have joined the project, involving around twenty sports associations and over two hundred young athletes. The course, articulated according to a standard theoretical / practical protocol which foresees the acquisition of "life-saving" procedures through the use of educational mannequins, was characterized by moments of confrontation between the athletes who attended the various meetings and the military health personnel of the RC-W that conducted the activity.

For the realization of the project, the RC-W, an Italian-based multinational operating unit based on the 24 ° "Peloritani" regiment and part of the NATO KFOR mission, made use of its own health assets on mission in Kosovo, using them according to the principle of the "Dual Use", a dual use, not only in the conduct of normal operational activities, but also in support of the local population, in the specific case, in favor of young athletes belonging to the different ethnic groups present in the western sector of Kosovo, united by a only passion for sport.