Kosovo: Italian soldiers participate in the Tangled Eel

(To Greater Defense)

The “Tangled Eel" exercise was conducted in recent days in the mission in Kosovo, conducted by the Regional Command West in order to improve interoperability between the structures provided by the various countries that contribute to the mission in Kosovo "Joint Enterprise" .

The Regional Command West is the Italian-led multinational Command which is responsible for both maneuvering units, aimed at guaranteeing the security of the western sector of Kosovo, and liaison and monitoring teams called "Liaison Monitoring Team" (LMT), intended for cooperation and to the connection with the local population.

The simulated scenario for the conduct of the exercise involved the maneuvering forces of the Regional Command West in a "field house evacuation operation", ie the exfiltration of a connection and monitoring team (LMT) from the structure in which the latter it operates daily, following an escalation of protests, simulated "ad hoc" for the conduct of training, by KFOR units in the role of opposing forces.

The exercise was divided into three phases. In the first phase, an Austrian middle infantry component, using armored vehicles, isolated the area destined to conduct the operations, precluding the simulated crowd in turmoil from receiving reinforcements from outside the device.

In the second phase, Italian and Moldavian anti-riot setups, reaching the area of ​​unrest, the first on board VTLM “Lince” armored vehicles, the others by helicopter infiltration, lined up against the crowd, guaranteeing control and the subsequent disarticulation.

The third and final phase saw the use of a platoon based on the 24 ° "Peloritani" regiment which, having reached the exercise area using multirole helicopters, conducted the recovery and subsequent exfiltration of the liaison team.

The complex training activity was planned and carried out to test the coordination capacities between the various units, the uniformity of the technical-tactical procedures used in Operating Theater, the timing and the reaction methods implemented when events could threaten safety of KFOR personnel, stability and freedom of movement in the Regional Command West Responsibility Area.

The Regional Command West incorporates KFOR units from seven different countries such as: Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Moldavia, Turkey, Poland and Switzerland. The seven countries constitute a single force that contributes to the maintenance of a safe "environment", as established by the 1244 resolution of the United Nations Security Council.